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Antalya Minicity Park Tour

General Information About Antalya Minicity Park Tour

Come take a trip through Anatolian civilization throughout history with a visit to the Antalya Minicity Park. A unique world of miniature replicas, you’ll get an appreciation of Turkish architecture and culture as you make your way through this amazing park.

The result of much fastidious research and photography studies, the Antalya Minicity is full of models representing the finest creations of the Anatolians. Each model scaled to 1/25 of its original, they are highly specific in their finer details. The work of a team of specialist model makers, gaze at the craftsmanship and remark at their ingenious construction. Allow the miniatures to transport you to a time long ago, where you can stroll through the rich history and rediscover many of the wonders of Turkey. Each of these special creations has a history and a story, so you can explore and imagine the past with each step.

Listen to an audio recording outlining the history of many of the buildings throughout the park. Antalya Minicity Park offers a wonderful way to spend the day with your family as you view these fantastic recreations of original works of splendor that represent the Anatolian civilization of both the ancient past right through till today. Take the opportunity to experience the sights of the country all in one park. Be sure to bring along your camera, for the exquisite models offer plenty of beautiful photo opportunities.
A unique day filled with wonderful artistic creations and a glimpse into the history of a fascinating culture, your time spent in Antalya Minicity Park will be entertaining and memorable.

Meeting/pick-up point: TBA.
Start/opening time: Minicity is opened every day from 8am.
End/closing time: 7pm.